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Mona's Wedding

Design Brief

Mona is friendly, effervescent, and tech-savvy.  She is a coder, an entrepreneur, a yogi, and a fan of literature.  Mona wanted a special dress for her dance floor and after-party.


Her requirements:

  1. The dress should include white and her wedding’s theme colors, grey and dusty lavender

  2. It needed to be short

  3. It should be comfortable to wear and dance.  


At our initial consultation, we learned that Mona recently purchased a non-traditional light-up tutu that she wore to dance parties.  We immediately took on the idea, sketched a few designs, and gathered some fabric swatches.  During our second consultation, Mona picked the color and fabrics she liked for the wedding and commented on the designs.  


We re-sketched the dress based on her feedback after the meeting and emailed revised sketches to Mona for her final approval.  Once she agreed, we sent the design in for production and began making a muslin sample for Mona’s first fitting.

Customer Review

Mona in her Dress

"While I loved my traditional floor-length wedding gown, I knew I wanted to be able to dance the night away in a special dress for the reception! I asked Gloria to design one and she did a phenomenal job of aligning her superb sense of aesthetics and my spirit. I felt like a fairy-princess at my wedding! The dress had lovely detailing of iridescent sequins on the bodice, and layers of tulle in ombre lavender. The best part was the twinkle lights sewn into the skirts, and the battery-pack cleverly tucked away. It was a one-of-a-kind dress for a one-of-a-kind night and I am so glad I asked Gloria to make it happen!" 


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