Model height: 5' 9"

Wearing size: M


Aqua Ombre Amphitrite Skirt

  • Aqua Ombre Amphitrite Skirt comes in the natural creamy color of raw silk with the top dip-dyed in teal dyebath.  Amphitrite is the wife of Poseidon and the Queen of the seas.  Although less heard of, she is the personification of the sea itself and is the mother of dolphins, seals and fish.  It is our pleasure to finally reaveal who is Ariel's mother.  

    - The Amphitrite skirt is dip-dyed, which reduces the amount of water traditionally needed by half. 

    - 100% Raw silk.  Unlike regular silk fabrics , raw silk upcycles the shorter fibers unused in the production of highly sought after traditional silk. This shorter fiber length produces a nubby fabric with a slight sheen and is more akin to cotton, but with greater depth and texture.  

    - Overproduction and keeping inventory is a waste of energy. land, and resources.  Unsold items are usually being landfilled or burned before it has ever been worn.  To prevent excessive waste and minimize pollution, every garment at Gloria Lee is made-by-order.