Model height- 5'5"


Zero Waste Silk Terra Top

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  • Terra top is designed with zero-waste pattern making technique, which helps convserving materials and energy.  Terra, or Terra Mater, is the Roman name for Gaia, the goddess of Earth.  She symbolises the beginning of everything, and is regularly associated with Ceres in rituals pertaining to the earth and agricultural fertility.  COVID 19 has seriously impacted our lives.  Hopefully Terra top can bestow us energy to stay strong and steadfast for our loved ones, just like earth.  

    Terra top is 100% Silk Charmeuse and 100% biodegradable, so it produces far less pollution and breaks down into nontoxic components.  Overproduction and keeping inventory is a waste of energy and resources.  Unsold items are usually being landfilled or burned before it has ever been worn.  To prevent excessive waste and minimize pollution, every garment at Gloria Lee is made-by-order.

  • Complimentary shipping-- All items are made-by-order. After we receivey your order, our local artisans will hand-make your dress and we will deliver it to you within 15 business days.  We will notify you when your order is delivered.


    Returns-- We are happy to accept returns purchased within 15 business days from the delivery date for refund or exchange.  Because we do not stock any inventory and add built-in inventory fee, all returned items will be deducted with a small Zero Waste Fee of $35