The most luxurious gown of our 2020 Winter collection, this white mermaid dress symbolizes the stage of baby phoenix growing new gold feathers and becoming a young grown phoenix, which typically has gold and red feathers.  All the ostrich feathers are hand-embroidered, and the sequins display in  an ombre pattern from white to gold.  


Model height: 5' 9"

Model is wearing size 6.

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Ostrich Feather Silk Mermaid Gown

SKU: 2020WI-ED-004
Color: White
  • Shell-- 100% Silk.  Embroidered with ostrich feather, plastic sequins, and glass beads.
    *Centuries ago, sequins were made from shiny metal.  Today, sequins are most often made with plastic.  We did not choose to embroider the dress with metal sequins because it will make the dress heavy, colors will be limited, and the metal sequins will rust over time and stain the white dress.  Nevertheless, we will continue to look for sustainable solutions to replace plastic sequins.  

    Lining-- 100% silk.