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About: Gloria Lee™ 

Gloria Lee™ is a womenswear brand that offers elegant yet romantic dresses that women can wear from day to night.  Inspired by mythology, nature, and history, Gloria Lee designs each and every garment with the purpose to highlight women's innate elegance, beauty, and love for all.  The mission of the company is to deliver joy, style, and prosperity to everyone in the world and Earth. It starts with the promise of creating beautiful collections with compostable fibers, collaborating with domestic manufacturers,  and embodying production processes (ex: Zero-Waste pattern-making, up-cycled fabrics) that are least harmful to our ecosystem.

About: Logo
Gloria Lee logo-2.jpg

Nu Wa is a half woman, half snake ancient Chinese goddess. She twists into the shape of an infinity sign in Gloria Lee’s logo, and constantly reminds us to be loving, strong, and kind to both ourselves and the world.

According to ancient mythology, Nu Wa was the creator of humans and animals. One day, when two gods fought, they broke one of the 4 pillars that was supporting the sky.  The world suffered and the humans cried to Nu Wa for help. She then undertook to fix the pillar, gathered and melted the five-colored stones to patch up the sky. It was not an easy task to collect all the stones and repair the broken sky.  By the time she fixed the sky and the pillar, the humans cheered, danced, and thanked her. Yet Nu Wa was so exhausted. As she smiled and felt happy for her work, she closed her eyes, fell asleep, and became a part of Earth.  


Nu Wa's strength, courage, love for living creatures, and her surreal appearance are reasons why Gloria Lee exists. We look forward to carry out Nu Wa’s spirit, and deliver clothing that makes you love yourself and give love to the world at the same time!

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