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Consultation, Design, & Process



It is Gloria Lee’s greatest pleasure to create a statement dress for you that perfectly reflects your vision, your style, and your personality.


Please see below for how we proceed in custom-designing your dress.  If you’re interested in scheduling for our complimentary first consultation, please email us at 


Step I

At our first online- consultation (45 min), we will use this opportunity to get to know you and ask questions to learn more about your vision of your dream dress.  The questions include: 


  • Do you have any preferred dress styles?  (please see picture below)  

  • Any specifications about your dream dress?  Ex: I’d love to show off my shoulder/ or bust/ or hip more.

  • Do you have a budget in mind?

  • When is your big day?

  • How can we reach you?

After our first consultation, we will schedule a second online-consultation with you approximately a week from now.  We will use this week to sketch and gather fabric swatches.  Due to COVID-19, we will mail the swatches in an envelope to your address, where you can take time to feel and select the fabric you like.

Step II

At our second online-meeting, we will present the first round of sketches to you.  After reviewing the sketches and swatches, please choose a design that is closest to your dream dress and suggest if any further changes are necessary.  We will also assist in taking your measurements (Bust/ Waist/ Hip, and height) and confirm your final choice of color and fabrication.  Besides taking your measurements, please also kindly email us 1 picture of your front view and 1 picture of your side view. 


After our second consultation, we will re-sketch designs based on your feedback and email the revised designs to you for confirmation within a week.  The quote of the dress will be included.


 If you like the design and give us your final confirmation, we will follow up with an invoice of 50% downpayment and an agreement.  


Please sign and pay the 50% downpayment if you would like us to proceed.  


Step III

Our production team will begin draping, creating patterns, and pin-check the look.  In 2 weeks, we will report our progress by emailing you pictures of draped design in muslin.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions anytime.

Since it will take approximately 3-4 weeks to sew the first prototype, we will schedule an in-person fitting appointment with you on the following week.  Please feel free to let us know if you would like to have the fitting appointment take place at your home, or at our sample room in NYC. 

At our first fitting appointment, we will ask you to try on the dress prototype, take fitting notes, and present fabric and trims to make the final dress.

Please come wearing the bra and shoes you will be wearing at your wedding.  

Process of making a dream dress

Step IV

We are one step away from presenting you the final dress!! Depending on the complexity of your dress, it will take 6-8 weeks in making your final dress.  When the dress is 80% complete, we will reach out to you again and schedule your second fitting appointment.  Please come wearing the bra and shoes you will be wearing at your wedding.


At our second fitting appointment, we will check the fitting of the complete dress on you and make slight fitting adjustments if necessary.  

It will take a week to complete final fitting adjustments, and we will deliver the dress to you once it is completed!! 

We are very very excited to see you wearing the completed dream dress at your wedding!!  After your wedding, we hope you do not mind sharing some pictures of you wearing the dress and writing a review of your experience with us.  We look forward to and appreciate all feedback. 

~~Team Gloria Lee~~ 

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