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Social Responsibility

“Be the peace you wish to see in the world!”

Martin Luther King Jr

Pleated Fabric

True beauty is celebrating life and happiness without sacrificing others’ happiness.  Our goal is to make beautiful clothes that will bring joy to our customers, employees, and people in need.  


For the past decade, it has not been uncommon to discover some fashion manufacturers under-paid their workers, provided unsafe working environments, or employed child labor.  


We may not be perfect, but our goal is to building a fair business that treats everyone equally and inspire joy in everyone.

Our Commitments:

Donate and collaborate with organizations that fights against following issues:

Woman's Torso Lying
Mother and Daughter Love

Women and children trafficking

We donate 1% of profit to

Shared Hope International:

Child with Dog

Child abuse or

Sex abuse

We donate 1% of profit to

Prevent Child Abuse America:

Woman's Torso Lying

Domestic violence on women or children

We donate 1% of profit to

National Network to End Domestic Violence:

Writing Letters

We’ll provide an End-of-Year report card that shows how we have positively impacted the world.    

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