Model height: 5' 9"

Wearing size: M

All Pre-Ordered items will ship on 9/10/20

Periwinkle Silk Pandora Camisole

  • The hi-light of this Periwinkle Silk Pandora Camisole is definitely the little pair of wings at the back of its waist!  Made with the luxurious 100% Silk Charmeuse, this Pandora top will surely feel as soft and smooth as your second skin.  You can either wear this top and lounge around the house comfortably, or style it with a suit jacket and look sharp at work.  

    - This Pandora top is made with 100% silk (charmeuse refers to the weave and texture of the fabric), so it is 100% bio-degradable.

    - In an effort to reduce carbon footprint and support local businesses, we source this silk charmeuse locally and produce the camisole locally at New York.  

    - Although Pandora Camisole is not made with the Zero-waste pattern making technique, we recycle and upcycle as many scraps as possible.  Subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned for our upcoming accessories made with upcycled silk charmeuse!.

    - Overproduction and keeping inventory is a waste of energy. land, and resources.  Unsold items are usually being landfilled or burned before it has ever been worn.  To prevent excessive waste and minimize pollution, every garment at Gloria Lee is made-by-order.