Model height: 5' 9"

Wearing size: M


Periwinkle Epimetheus Silk Skirt

  • This Periwinkle Silk Epimetheus Skirt has 2 small and subtle feathers hand painted at the front of the skirt.  Since this skirt is designed with the zero-waste pattern making technique, there are 2 seams at the front of the skirt.  We utilized 97% of the 1.5 yard of silk charmeuse to make this skirt.  Epimetheus is Pandora's husband, who's brother is Prometheus.  Based on the Greek's mythology, Prometheus stole Fire from Zeus and brought it to human.  Zeus punished Prometheus and wanted to punish human for accepting Fire, so he created Pandora, gave her the box, and sent her to marry Epimetheus.  

    - Epimetheus hi-low skirt is made with 100% silk (charmeuse refers to the weave and texture of the fabric), so it is 100% bio-degradable.

    - This skirt is designed with zero-waste pattern making technique

    - In an effort to reduce carbon footprint and support local businesses, we source this silk charmeuse locally and produce the skirt locally at New York.  

    - Overproduction and keeping inventory is a waste of energy. land, and resources.  Unsold items are usually being landfilled or burned before it has ever been worn.  To prevent excessive waste and minimize pollution, every garment at Gloria Lee is made-by-order.