Model height: 5' 9"

Wearing size: M


Sky Linen Theia Camisole

  • Similar with the matching skirt, Sky Linen Theia Camisole has hand-painted white Greek meander art decorated along the top and bottom edge.  What we love the most about this top is its three leaf-like feather and the gorgeous ribbon flower at the center!  This camisole truly celebrates the unity of nature and human's imaginations.  

    Theia is one of the twelve Titans.  She married Hyperion, and is the mother of Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon) and Eos (Dawn).  Although he is not directly related to the story of Pandora's Box, it is certainly interesting to learn who gave birth to sun and moon in greek mythology.

    - 100% Linen, 100% Bio-degradable.

    - Locally sourced and produced in NYC.

    - - Machine washable-- wash it with cold water and line dry. You can iron it up to 230 C/445 F, or the same setting as cotton.

    - Although Theia Camisole is not made with the Zero-waste pattern making technique, we recycle and upcycle as many scraps as possible.

    -  To prevent overproduction and minimize pollution, every garment at Gloria Lee is made-by-order.