Our Wool and Devore Velvet Evening Gown is a beautiful and comfortable gown to wear during winter!   The bodice is made with smooth merino wool suiting and lined with stretched silk.  The skirt is designed with zero-waste pattern making and made with white/ gold floral devoré velvet that just speaks luxury!  

With the gold tone in the skirt, this evening gown is perfect to pair with yellow gold jewelries.  The dark grey bodice will create a gorgeous backdrop that enhances any necklace, brooches, or pins.


Model height: 5' 9"

Model is wearing size 6.

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Wool and Devore Velvet Evening Gown

SKU: 2020WI-ED-005-2
Color: Grey/Gold
  • Shell-- 100% Merino wool/ 100% Silk and rayon blend devoré velvet

    Lining-- 100% silk/ 100% merino wool